When you think of holidays you think of joyous times, happy memories, family, friend food and gift giving, but along with it, there is the hustle and bustle and STRESS that comes with all that good stuff.  What better way to enter this holiday season than with LESS stress and more JOY?  You can achieve that by learning to breathe (by breathing your own power)  your own power!

Mindful Yoga Breaks is the collaboration of Lani of Full of Joy Yoga & Jen of YoPlay Yoga for Kids®.  We created the Superhero breath card deck and dice game as a fun way for kids to find their inner strength and power by fighting stress, releasing tension and helping them let go of big emotions.  We all know we can use a little of that anytime but especially during this chaotic time of year.

Superhero Breath Card Deck & Dice Game

Each deck has 6 Superheroes, including Batman, Wonderwoman, Incredible Hulk, SpiderMan, Flash, and Superman.  Each card has its’ own unique movement to go along with the breath.  Our own children and students have been the biggest inspiration and creative force behind the creation of this card deck.   We went to a school recently, and a student asked us why we didn’t’ have a  card for IronMan.  We asked him to help us create it and guess what? He did.  The Ironman breath will be coming to our card deck soon.

Kids seem to embrace these tool because they find such a deep connection to the characters, which will ultimately gain the benefits that us as parents and teachers want them to achieve; self-regulation, calm, focus, etc.  They are playing and having fun while also making that important mind-body connection.

Batman Breath, for example, you inhale, open up your bat wings and lift a knew. As you exhale you close your wings around you and lower your knee down.  You can do this 3-5 times.  This breath, in particular, includes balancing, which makes it a little more challenging but a lot of fun.

Here’s an example of how to play the Superhero breath Dice Game.


To purchase the Superhero Card Deck, Dice Game and also included is a kid yoga Superhero Lesson Plan go to Mindful Yoga Breaks.

Written by Lani & Jen








Breathe Your Power!

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