Happy Healthy Teachers = Happy Healthy Kids

We are so excited to work with teachers in helping to bring yoga and mindfulness into their classrooms. As a former first grade teacher, Lani noticed that when she used “mindful yoga breaks” (not what she called it 17 years ago!), her kids were able to focus better, sit longer and have more success with their school work.

The Mindful Yoga Breaks™ Curriculum

Mindful Yoga Breaks™ incorporates many tools to calm or energize students including: breathing , exercises, mindfulness, poses, games & relaxation ideas. These tools can be used in those really important transitions times and especially in the middle of a lesson. The Mindful Yoga Breaks™ curriculum will include lesson plans that teachers will learn as we come in and work with both the teachers as professional development and the students with 20 minute lessons taught by a Mindful Yoga Breaks™ teacher. This curriculum also includes whole school daily “mindful moments” as well as parent pages of activities the parents can do at home. MYB™ incorporates the whole community which in turn will enable everyone to see the benefits.

The Mindful Yoga Breaks™ Program for Schools

Elementary School Programs can include:
  • Teacher Workshops
  • 20 minute lessons for 4-15 week sessions. These classes can be twice a week, once a week or twice a month.
  • 20 min Test Prep lessons for classes.

MYB™ Binder

A Mindful Yoga Breaks binder for each teacher with explanations of breathing exercises, mindfulness exercises, poses, games, relaxation ideas & parent pages.

Full of Joy Box (Optional)

–props include–

  • Mini Breathing Ball
  • Bubble Timer
  • LED Color Tea Lights
  • Chime
  • Tea lights
  • Wise Owl Stuffie
  • Bulldog Stuffie
  • Lavender Spray