Mindful Yoga Breaks™ program consists of workshops for parents & teachers, a curriculum for the classroom and many various props that incorporate tools to calm or energize students including: breathing exercises, mindfulness, poses, games & relaxation ideas.

MYB Tools to Calm Students

  1. Breathing Exercises – This helps students to self-regulate when they are feeling their big emotions (anger, stress, fear, anxiety, etc.). It also increases focus and sends a signal to the brain to calm down.
  2. Mindfulness– The practice of paying attention to the present moment without judgement.
  3. Poses – Build strength and flexibility as well as help to reduce stress, build compassion, and enhance learning.
  4. Games – Non-competitive fun way to enhance creative thinking, teamwork and focus while building community and safety.
  5. Relaxation – Helps to decrease stress and anxiety, improves emotional stability, and increase the functioning of the brain.
  6. Props – These are used in addition to the tools above. Some examples of props are the breathing ball, chime, books, calm-down bottle and bubble timer.

Mindful Yoga Breaks™ Workshops

This workshop will help teachers, librarians, social workers, therapists and anyone working with children to bring focus, self-regulation & fun to your classroom, home or office while fostering social emotional learning. You will learn tools such as breathing exercises, mindfulness, yoga poses, yoga & mindfulness games & relaxation. Participants will leave with dozens of ideas to add to your teaching tool box that can be used in 1 min, 5 min, 10 min or 15 min breaks throughout your day. A manual is provided with descriptions of everything you learn as well as sample lesson plans.

Professional Development Workshops for Teachers, Librarians, Social Workers & Therapists

  • 2 hour workshop at your school, office or library
  • A manual for each participant with explanations of breathing exercises, mindfulness exercises, poses, games & relaxation ideas.

Each participant MUST purchase the following:

Full of Joy Box (Optional)

–props include–

  • Mini Breathing Ball
  • Bubble Timer
  • LED Color Tea Lights
  • Chime
  • Tea lights
  • Wise Owl Stuffie
  • Bulldog Stuffie
  • Lavender Spray