How Your Presence can be the best Present ever!

It’s that time of year when it’s all about buy buy buy and getting more stuff.  Right now you may have already finished your online orders, wrapping and your trip to the post office for shipping but in case you need some last minute ideas.  Here are some great ideas to bring more PRESENCE to the PRESENTS your gift to your loved ones this year. 

My partner in crime Lani & I created this list together based on what we have done with our families in the past.   As you know we’ve been on a journey of getting rid of stuff (big purge estate sale of 2017) and living more minimally and enjoying more experiences and places with our family.  This first idea we have for you is a tradition I started 2 years ago with my girls and it is by far not only my favorite but my kids favorite as well.


Find a jar or container of your choice and decorate it, if you’d like.  Next, you will want to come up with ideas for different dates you can have with your child/children. These can be free or low cost date ideas,  I prefer the free dates myself, they’re a bit more creative.  Here are some ideas to help you get started with your date jar,  you can download here.  You can even edit these ideas to fit your family’s likes and needs.

Next, either write these dates or print them on a piece of cardstock or paper.  On the other side of the date, assign it a month and add any money needed for the date so you have it already prepared.  For example, roll up  $2 for a date at the dollar theater. 

Then fill your date jar with your date cards.  The best part of this gift is it keeps on giving all year long!

With multiple kids, I have three, I like to do different dates for each child that month so they feel special and unique. You can use the same 12 dates but mix them up for each child so they each have a different date that month.

At the beginning of each month, your child/children take out the date for that month out of their date jar to reveal their date and then together you pick the date for your date! Since the money is already included there is no excuse for putting off the date due to lack of funds or budget restraints.  My kids can hardly wait for the first of every month to find out what their date is for me that month.


Fill a basket with items that your child can use when they need to bring a little peace and calm to their day. Some fun items we LOVE to use (especially in classroom peace baskets) are:

Bubble timer

Mini Breathing Ball

Rubik’s cube

Fidget toys

Spinning tops

Mindful yoga breaks card deck or Superhero Card deck & dice game

Playing Cards

Whiteboards & markers

Mini chalkboards & chalk (or this adorable handmade chalkboard book)

Coloring book & pencils/markers

#3 Activity Based Toys

We love any gift that includes activities you can do together such as:



-frisbees, balls, etc.A slackline has been one of our favorites.



Family Yoga

Some ideas include:

Climbing Gym

A bounce place

Family yoga class

Ropes course

Climbing place



Give the gift of a family trip, overnight, the day spent together doing something fun. Everyone in the family can receive this as one of t

Family Medical Mission Trip to Bhutan

heir gifts and maybe you even have that activity, trip, etc already planned.


Connecting with our families is something that is missing during all the busy-ness of the year. These ideas can allow for more “presence” and add a little something special in turn.



What are some of your ideas for holiday gifts that aren’t the usual crazy toys?

Your PRESENCE can be the best PRESENT
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