Our trainings really are one of a kind!

We focus on the whole child, but with a creative approach. Our trainees will be inspired to create yoga classes that are a holistic experience for children of all ages and abilities. Our unique and original program, combines yoga philosophy and practices with music, dance, art, story-telling and play.

We have a strong playful aspect to our classes but behind all the fun & play is are the basic foundations of yoga that begin with Yoga Philosophy. We beleive it is fundamental to teaching children’s yoga which is why we incorporate this into our courses by teaching YOU how to creatively teach yoga philosophy to young children and teens. In addition, our programme incorporates key educational philosophies, the psychology and methodology of teaching so that YOU can understand how children learn in order to best teach them in a creative and meaningful manner!

Our courses not only include modules about imaginative yoga poses, breathing techniques and guided visualized meditations but also;

  • Yoga Philosophy (including the 4 Paths of Yoga, The 8 Limbs, The Energetic Body and Ayurveda)
  • Mandala Art Meditations
  • Mindfulness
  • Behaviour Management in the Yoga Space
  • Working 1:1 with Children
  • Creating a Therapeutic Yoga Space
  • Understanding the Child’s Developing Mind & Body
  • Tailoring Yoga Classes to Each Type of Learner
  • The Business of Children’s Yoga

Our small group trainings give each of our trainees the time and opportunity to discuss,ask questions as needed as well as providing ample one-on-one time with your trainer. Each student will have the opportunity to practice teach, within the group. Your trainer will provide positive, constructive feedback based on their observations – supporting and guiding you with your development as a children’s yoga teacher.

How Do We Support You After the Training?

​We ensure that each of our trainees leaves the course feeling confident, inspired and certified! Prior to leaving the training, we include in our training a module on the Business of Children’s Yoga that we can guide you into creating a realistic plan about how you will use all of your new skills and knowledge to share children’s yoga within your community.

We will add you to our website of certified YoPlay Yoga For Kids® Yoga teachers so that schools, studios and parents within your community can easily access your classes and contact you directly about private sessions or collaborations.

You will have continuous access to imaginative tips and techniques to share in your classes through our monthly newsletter and website blog. You will also be invited to join our YoPlay® Teachers Facebook Group in order to stay connected with our community.

We also offer to opportunity to join our team either as a Licensee or Liaison. We also offer the opportunity for an online Mentorship Program that is open to all of our graduates.

Who Should Take Our Trainings?

​We appreciate that our attendees at our teacher trainings have a range of valuable experiences, whether you’re an educational professional, health coach, yoga teacher, child psychologist, therapist, healthcare professional, social worker, parent or a curious yogi, we want YOU to join our trainings to share your insights and learn how to use your prior experiences to share the principles and practices of yoga with children in your community and across the world.

What Does Your Yoga Journey with YoPlay Yoga For Kids® Look Like?

  • Initial communication with Jen, founder of YoPlay Yoga For Kids®, to discuss your purpose and intentions for taking the course to ensure the course suits your needs and interests.
  • Prior to the training, you will receive pre-reading material so that you can begin to familiarise yourself and have a basic understanding of child development and the philosophies that we will work with during the training.
  • The beginning of our training we spend time connecting to our inner-child and set our personal intentions for the training. We will also have time to get to know your new yoga community and experience how fun and relaxing children’s yoga can be!
  • We will explore the the fundamentals and basic all while staying connected to our inner child and explore the world of children’s yoga and mindfulness through experiential learning, learning, group discussions, partner-assignments and practice teaching time.
  • By the end of your 15 hours, you will have gained an abundance of new skills and knowledge, leaving you enthusiastic and eager to share yoga with children in your community and across the world.
  • Once you return home, Jen our founder will check-in with you to answer any questions or concerns that may have arisen after the training.
  • With a business plan in hand (created during the training) and all of the new skills you have learnt, you can take on the world of children’s yoga with confidence and enthusiasm! We will add you to our website so that schools, studios and parents can find you more easily.

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